About Lists of Legal Topics

About Lists of Legal Topics in the Encyclopedia of Law

List of the Ecyclopedia of law topics

The following is a list of the legal encyclopedia topics, or links to lists of topics. The topics in the lists which are without a link probably means that do not appear to have entries in the wiki encyclopedy of law, but really should for maximum coverage. The intent is to create a sensible entry in each topic. See requested entries.

In some cases, topics listed are largely dictionary definitions and may not warrant a distinct article on the wiki encyclopedia.

Lists of Topics Examples


Check out the alphabetized list of categories with alphabetized lists of articles in each category.

If you add a new category, please ask the encyclopedia to add it to this list so people can easily find it. You can also add new pages off of the pages in each category (subpages). For example, if you want to go into depth with a topic, you can send information to create a subpage (another page) for the details on the topic

Purpose of this list

The purpose of a list of topics is to help contributors find holes in the coverage of the wiki encyclopedia of Law.
Some entries in the encyclopedia should become disambiguation (usually, resolving the conflicts that arise when a single term refers to more than one topic covered by the encyclopedia) pages.

1 Concepts
2 Crimes
3 Jurists, judges, attorneys, legal organizations, and legal workers
4 Notable court cases and litigants
5 Intellectual property
5.1 Copyright
5.2 Patent
5.3 Trademark
5.4 Journals, by language
5.4.1 English language
5.4.2 French language
5.4.3 German language
5.4.4 Italian language
5.5 Other
6 Statutes
7 Other: Miscellaneous laws and agencies, etc.
8 Legal terms
8.1 A-I
8.2 J-M
8.3 N-Q
8.4 R-Z
9 Treaties
10 References






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