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About the Legal Index and the Encyclopedia of Law

About the Legal Index

A free and open approach to legal research

By cutting out the search results the users don’t require, the Legal Index of the Encyclopedia of Law tries to facilitate more quickly the information the users are looking for.

The Legal Index of the Encyclopedia of Law also offer a free access to all the law dictionaries of the Lawi Project, giving the users the power to search more content.

As well as the option to browse and search the legal dictionaries, the Legal Index of the Encyclopedia of Law can bring back definitions from cases, legislation or (in some cases) journals, with cross-references to the supporting cases and legislation, in order the users can use a citeable authority.

The Legal Index of the Encyclopedia of Law allows its users to search and browse for Latin phrases, providing both translations and definitions.

Related Terms and Cross-references to support cases and legislation

By scrolling down in the entries of the Legal Index, the users are able to find links to related
searches which suggest other research avenues they might like to investigate.

The entries of the Legal Index of the Encyclopedia of Law are fully cross-referenced with links to supporting and explanatory (in the jurisdictions we cover), cases and legislation, ensuring that the legal research is reinforced.

Multiple Indexes

The Legal Index is an international index to law, including legal documents, periodicals and books and is published quarterly. This is a large database and includes a subject index: main heading, citations, abstracts and some see and see also references; an author index: name, citation, and abstract but no cross-referencing; and a book review index not tied to the subject and author indexes and which includes author and citation details and where the book has been reviewed.

The Courts Directory: the Directory of State and Federal Courts indexes produced are a federal courts index, state courts index, geographical federal index, county/city index and a name index

About the Encyclopedia of Law


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