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    Welcome to the Legal Index, a free search and discovery tool from the Lawi Project (including the Encyclopedia of Law). The Legal Index is designed to help the user to begin the legal research journey by providing a single, convenient search portal for legal information, and then point the user to the most relevant related legal materials in the Lawi Project – from encyclopedic entries to the thesaurus entries. One search brings together top quality content and unlocks connections in a way not previously possible in a free context.


    Timely, accurate information is key to the success of any legal research project nowhere more valuable than in the legal sector, but can we be sure of finding it?. With so many sources available from a library and from the web, knowing where to begin can be a challenge.

    The pressures on lawyers and students of law are greater than ever before, and sometimes the research finish in frustration. All too often the user interface irritates by being too smart, and the system for classifying knowledge resources bristles with complexities.

    Our Indexes of the Encyclopedia of Law

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    Some Legal Classification and Cataloguing Schemes

    For Students

    Every day, law and legal-field students use the Encyclopedia of Law content and other Lawi iniciatives for their legal research needs. The legal index provides an authoritative starting place when beginning the student paper or project.

    A single click allows the student to explore the breadth of the Lawi Project content, and saves time by eliminating the need to perform the same search on multiple sites. The student obtains a quick preview of the search results, and then follow links directly into the encyclopedic entry or other content relevant to the legal research needs.

    To help collecting sources, the Legal Index, driven by a powerful content-linking system, can point the student to the most relevant related sources on the topic. From a single entry preview, the student may explore a wealth of related legal material within the same subject area.

    For Authors of Entries in the Encyclopedia of Law

    Countless studies have shown: the more discoverable the content is, the more likely it is to be used.

    For the Lawi Project’ authors, the Legal Index, free and fully searchable via Search engines and the web, further increases the visibility, discoverability, and use of your online work.

    Users of the Legal Index can now explore the breadth of your research and scholarship published online by the Encyclopedia of Law. With abstracts and keywords providing a helpful preview of a work’s context, users can quickly identify its relevance to their research and easily follow one of many direct links into the full-text.

    More about this site

    This website is designed to display the material in the Legal Index Ontology, in a range of business facing formats. The material is organized into sections.

    There are Overview Entries in the Legal Index. After a given search, the user may see that the top result is shaded in gray. This is an Overview Entry, an at-a-glance description of a single legal topic. Just like Index Items, which display key facts about a single resource, Overview Entries are free and Google-crawled. Search for “Legal Research” and you’ll not only see results for hundreds or thousands of entries–you’ll instantly have access to a succinct, trusted topic overview.


    The goal of the Legal Index Semantics Repository is to standardize the terms and definitions of all reference data attributes of the law. Precise nomenclature translates into a common language between systems and sources, reduces the cost of legal issues and doing business, and promotes confidence in the legal systems.

    For example:
    Term: Company Legal Form Documentation
    Definition: The articles of associations which are defined when a registered company (specifically a company limited by the issue of shares) is set up.
    Synonym: Articles of Incorporation. Company Constitution. Articles of Association.

    For more information about antology in law:

    A Conceptual Framebased Ontology for the Law – CiteSeerX

    Using the Index

    The purpose of this index is to assist you in finding parts of our site which you may have visited before and to find new areas. You can also use the FIND function of your browser to look for words or phrases on this index page.Such indexes are not merely
    an alphabetical sorting of page title names, just as a book index is not a mere alphabetizing
    the table of contents. A search engine, unlike a human-created index, does not allow for
    variant terms (double posting) or cross-references. The main advantage of
    an index over a taxonomy is that the user does not have to click through multiple pages
    of topics, nor does the user have to guess as to which category the desired topic is to be

    Entries are in word-by-word order. For example, ‘news releases’ comes before ‘newsletters’.

    The index lists important topics in the web pages. The index includes terms that are not contained in the web pages. The index does not include unimportant instances of a term. To find all instances of a term, use the search page. To find definitions of terms, use the dictionaries.


    There are different styles of alphabetization for indexes, depending on the type of index and the needs of the author/publisher. Letter by letter style is the most common method, and there is also word by word alphabetizing…and surprisingly, the differences can be more varied than one might imagine.

    In a nutshell (without getting into a protracted study of specific rules) NISO follows alphabetization word-by-word while CMS follows letter-by-letter (ignoring punctuation marks). Columbia follows letter-by-letter (up to punctuation) while ISO is a hybrid favoring the word-by-word method.


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