Business Torts

Business Torts

Business Torts in the United States

Protect your clients or company from costly litigation and plaintiff awards with our comprehensive one-stop online legal resource for commercial litigation research.

The Encyclopedia of Law provides quick access to recent developments, analysis, statutes and court decisions for commercial tort actions.

  • Business Torts entries to keep you on top of key business tort decisions and new doctrines in this fast-changing area of law.
  • Business Torts in the Fifty States, covering statutory and case law developments for all 50 states plus D.C., to help you quickly assess the merits and pitfalls of litigation in any given jurisdiction.
  • Civil False Claims and Qui Tam Actions entries, a comprehensive analysis of qui tam provisions, whistleblower rules and civil false claims regulations to assist you with case preparation and litigation.
  • Civil RICO entries, taking the litigator through all aspects of RICO-based litigation—from the complaint through trial and appeal—supplying essential caselaw, forms and models.






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