Legal Research Index

Legal Research Index

A-Z Index of Legal Research


A Concise Encyclopedia of the United Nations

A Selection of Legal Maxims

Abandon, Historical

Abandon, Historical 2


Adoption and Amendment of Constitutions in the World: a Timeline

American Jurisprudence (encyclopedia)

American Law Reports (ALR)


Arbitration resources

Archives and data


Badger’s General index


Black’s Law Dictionary

Blogs and law reviews

Bloomberg BNA Databases

Bloomberg Law

Boolean and Free-text Searching for Legal Research

Bouvier´s Law Dictionary and Institutes of American Law

Bouvier’s Dictionary of Law

Bouvier’s Law Dictionary and Concise Encyclopedia, 1914


Canadian Encyclopedic Digest: First Ontario Edition

Canadian Encyclopedic Digest: First Western Edition

Cataloging for legal materials

Catalogue of Court Reports

Citation of legal blogs in law reviews

Classification of Law Materials

Classification schemes in the UK

Collection categories and entries

Commercial arbitral legislation worldwide

Common legal abbreviations

Comparative Law Classification (Max Planck Institute)

Constitutional Texts Sources

Corpus Juris Secundum

Court Reports

Curnin’s Index


Dewey Decimal Classification


Encyclopedia of Public International Law

European Thesaurus on International Relations and Area Studies


First Amendment: Finding Jefferson

Florida Statutes

French Legal Abbreviations

French Legal System


General Division Classification (Max Planck Institute)


Halsburys Laws of Canada

Hein’s ScholarCheck

HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library

Henry Smythies’ Analytical Digest

Hieros Gamos

Historical Dictionary of International Tribunals

History of Year Books


How to search legal journal indexes?


Immigration law research resources

Index to Subject Matter of Victorian Legislation

Index to the 1908 NZ Consolidated Statutes

Index to the Revised Statutes of Canada

Index volume of the 1931 NZ Reprint

Indexes to Legal Periodicals

International Criminal Law. Bibliography

International Law: A Dictionary

Iowa Subject Index


John Bouvier


Key Number System


KF Modified


Law Books

Law Library and Librarian Blogs


Legal Abbreviations, Historical

Legal Abbreviations, Historical 2

Legal Abbreviations, Historical 3

Legal Bibliography

Legal citation and the Encyclopedia

Legal encyclopedias

Legal Gateways Resources

Legal History Resources

Legal Information Institute (LII)

Legal Research

Legal research: Files: Law and Media Technology

Legal research: Law of Libraries and Archives

Legal Thesaurus

Legal topics

Legal Treatises

Lexis´ Case Search

Libraries: Presidential Secrecy and the Law

Library of Congress Classification Class K

List of Argentina Reports

List of Australian Reports

List of Brazilian Reports

List of business law topics

List of Canada online resources

List of Canadian Reports

List of Collections of Legal Blogs

List of Constitution Law Periodicals

List of Dewey with number of Books

List of Dutch Reports

List of English Reports

List of European and UK Online Journals

List of French Reports

List of German Reports

List of Indian Reports

List of International Law Indexes and Databases

List of International periodicals

List of Italian Reports

List of legal blogs and online extensions by law journals

List of legal blogs by number or contributors

List of Legal Databases and Indexes

List of Legal Dictionaries

List of Legal Encyclopedias

List of Legal History Broader Databases

List of Mexican Reports

List of New Zealand Reports

List of North Ireland Reports

List of post about legal academic blogging

List of Swiss Reports

List of Tax Acronyms and Abbreviations

List of Titles of Halsburys Laws of Canada

List of top 10 legal articles in Shapiro’s citation data

List of U.S. Federal Court Reports


Maxims of Law from Bouvier’s Dictionary of Law

Modern Legal Systems Cyclopedia

Municipal law Classification (Max Planck Institute)


National Reporter System


Online Citation

Osborn´s Concise Law Dictionary

Oxford Reports on International Law


Print Vs. Online Encyclopedias

Proquest Congressional

Public International Law Classification (Max Planck Institute)


R. v. W(D)

Ranking of the top 100 legal most-cited articles of all time

Reproduction of law in Government sites


Stimson’s Law dictionary

Subject Index to South Australian Legislation


The Year Books

Thesaurus of Law Genre/Form Terms


Treaty Research


U.S. Digests

UK Case citators

United Kingdom Index to the Statutes

United States Code Annotated

Using public records


Verdicts and Settlements


Web of Knowledge Citation Indexing Service


What is a law review?

World Encyclopedia of Peace


Worldwide Political Science Abstracts

WTO/GATT Research


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