Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving Defense

Drunk Driving Defense in the United States

Practice-proven strategies that help you mount a successful defense

Today, due to recent changes in legislation and blood alcohol-testing technologies, building a solid defense for your client is more difficult than ever.

The entries about Drunk Driving Defense in the Encyclopedia of Law offers instant access to and easy searching of the Drunk Driving Defense topic, written by recognized authors.

Considered the standard in the field, Drunk Driving Defense provides hard-hitting strategies and techniques at every step to increase your odds of success.

Current coverage of the topic includes tactics to:

  • Increase the odds of success at the administrative license suspension hearing
  • Use pretrial discovery and suppression motions to weaken a case or get it dismissed
  • Discredit field sobriety tests using leading-edge techniques
  • Use newly-developed voir dire strategies to help lay the foundation for a solid defense and a powerful jury summation
  • Strengthen your case using recent developments in breath, blood and urine analysis






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