Estate Law

Estate Law

Estate Law for Attorneys in the United States

Help clients maximize their estate planning benefit with these essential tools

The Estate Planning entries in the Encyclopedia of Law provide you with the necessary tools to help your clients retain their accumulated wealth for retirement and estate planning purposes.

Estate Law entries and resources coverage includes:

  • Guide to Estate Planning, a quick-answer resource covering the most-pressing estate planning topics.
  • Estate Planning Dictionary, an easy-to-understand explanations of complexestate planning issues.
  • Multistate Estate Planning, organized by topic for all 50 states to assist your clients in any jurisdiction.
  • Estate and Gift Tax Guide, a well-regarded reference for in-depth analysis of complex tax laws and all estate and gift tax forms—geared to minimize estate and gift taxation.
  • Estate and Retirement Planning Answers, in easy Q&A format, providing insights and strategies to help your clients with the preservation of wealth for both retirement and estate planning.
  • Title 26 – Internal Revenue Code.






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