Family Law

Family Law

Family Law for Attorneys in the United States

Draft effective documents to protect your client’s property and custody rights or maximize your client’s award

The Family Law entries and resources of the Encyclopedia of Law provides the guidance and tools needed to address the gamut of family law matters—including prenuptial agreements, asset valuation, child support and custody, and divorce settlements.


Our coverage in this area of law are discussed, among others, in these insightful entries and resources, authored by recognized leaders in the field to interpret changing perspectives in family law.

  • Drafting of Prenuptial Agreements, a pragmatic approach to quickly and effectively prepare successful agreements in any situation by identifying and grouping together the common issues/concerns.
  • Property Division in Divorce Proceedings
  • Valuation Strategies in Divorce, with focused coverage on valuing assets
  • Value of Pensions in Divorce,  with focused coverage on valuing assets
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Order, with resources in order to draft QDROs promptly and accurately, including QDRO models, drafting guidelines, expert tips and compliance checklists.
  • Family Law Fifty State Guide
  • Guide of Child Support, with interpretation and application, step-by-step guidance through interpretation and application of child support, with clear explanations of issues that can affect calculations.
  • Psychological Experts in Divorce Actions, offering effective examination and cross-examination strategies to reinforce or question testimony of psychological experts.
  • Family Law Trends, highlighting the latest trends and techniques for representing clients in divorce and custody cases.






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