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The Legal Index maintains answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) in a variety of subject areas of interest to our users. Hopefully this page will point you to an answer.

The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are available concerning the Legal Index:

What’s included in the Legal Index?

The Legal Index contains a cross-searchable set of nearly one million “index items,” each representing a single entry. Index pages display key information (including abstracts and keywords) about an item, helping the user to judge the relevance of that content to the user´s legal research.

Does the Legal Index contain full-text content?

No, the Oxford Index does not include full-text content. It is a search gateway meant to provide users with a robust and free preview of the Lawi Project content, including the Encyclopedias of Law and their Portals.

Is there a charge to use the Legal Index?

No, the Legal Index is an entirely free service.

What’s an index item, and what information does it include?

The Legal Index contains nearly a million index items, each representing a single piece of content. Index items display key information (including abstracts and keywords) about a legal item, helping users and researchers judge the relevance of that content to their research. Powered behind the scenes by robust metadata and a standardized taxonomy, index items provide a wealth of data.

Can I receive email alerts regarding news and updates to the Legal Index?

Latest additions to the site will always be posted on our What’s New section in each page.

What is the likely impact of the Legal Index on a Library?

The Legal Index is a completely free service, fully indexed by and discoverable via the web. This further increases the places through which users can discover other materials, like books and journals.

We encourage librarians to point to the Legal Index as a research tool alongside their existing resources.

Is the Legal Index OpenURL-compliant?

Currently, the Legal Index Beta does not contain links which would be OpenURL-enabled. As site functionality continues to be enhanced, the Legal Index will be compliant with version 0.1 of the OpenURL specification. Librarian Administrators will be able to enable this feature via the Account Information section of Librarian Services. The Legal Index will also support the selection of custom OpenURL resolver icons.

Does the Legal Index make use of digital object identifiers (DOIs)?

Yes, the Legal Index uses digital object identifiers (DOIs) extensively throughout the site. You’ll see them as clickable links in the index item title bar and as part of the URL for each index card. The DOI consists of a unique alpha-numeric character string which is assigned to a document by the publisher upon initial electronic publication. The DOI will never change. Therefore, it is an ideal medium for citing a document. The correct format for citing a DOI is as follows: doi:10.1093/0198296983.001.0001 For more information on these features please contact us.

Does the Legal Index provide MARC records for institutions?

As the Legal Index is a search and discovery tool not containing any full-text, only metadata for resources across Lawi Project content, MARC records are not provided for titles included within the Index.

What is your policy on cookies?

Cookies are not used in the Lawi Project websites.


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