Successfully present or defend an insurance coverage case with practical guidance, forms and samples.

Insurance Law for Attorneys in the United States

Whether you are representing the insurance companies who are trying to deny coverage or the corporate policyholders who are seeking coverage under the policy, the Insurance Law entries and resources of the Encyclopedia of Law provides you with the necessary tools to best litigate disputes.

The recent increase in insurance claims has led to an increase in disputes between insurance companies and their insured. Our comprehensive Insurance Law entries and resources of the Encyclopedia of Law prepares you to represent either side with these exceptional resources:

  • CGL Policy entries and resources, offering aplain-language analysis of complex points of the CGL policy language and case law, focusing on issues where the terminology is subject to more than one interpretation.
  • Insurance Coverage Litigation entries, guiding you through all issues confronted in the insurance coverage litigation process with extensive analyses of case law, sample CGL forms, and charts with state-by-state comparisons of law.
  • Entries about  the Policyholder’s rights and obligations in relation, among other issues, with the Law of Insurance Coverage, providing practical strategies and insights from practicing experts on a wide array of insurance issues, including general liability, environmental, toxic tort, product liability, and first-party property.
  • Litigating Insurance Coverage entries and resources, offering novel approaches and effective tools for managing comprehensive coverage disputes, including pleadings, forms and sample motions with applicable drafting tips, guidance and general rules.






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