Internet Law

Internet Law

Streamline your legal research with instant access to six industry-leading resources in one online library

Internet and eCommerce Law for Attorneys in the United States

The Internet and E-Commerce Law entries and resources of the Encyclopedia of Law provide the expert guidance and practical tools you need to draft airtight internet contracts and licensing agreements and litigate cases.

You’ll find analysis of state and federal law governing e-commerce, thorough glossaries and dictionaries defining industry terms, plus downloadable forms and checklists for drafting agreements. The E-Commerce Law entries and resources of the Encyclopedia of Law coverage include:

  • Entries about Law of the Internet, demonstrating with extensive information how courts, legislators and treaties expand traditional law into the new context of the internet and its commercial applications.
  • Resources about Drafting Internet Agreements, offering a comprehensive collection of annotated forms for every area of internet practice, supplying more than 30 sample agreements.
  • Entries about Multimedia Law, providing, from expert authors in the field, reliable analysis of law and practical, how-to advice to help you avoid pitfalls while maximizing the value of intellectual property.
  • Entries about Computer Law, reviewing cases, statutes and newest developments about this topic.
  • Entries of Law of Electronic Commerce, with guidance about to the implications of communications technology for commercial law and transactions, including new cases, statutes, proposals, commentaries and model laws.
  • Entries about Technology Law
  • Internet Law Dictionary, a reference explaining more than 1,00 legal and technical terms about internet law, legal doctrines, acronyms and jargon, backed by legal precedent.






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