Introduction and Background Issues

Introduction and Background Issues

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1.1. Purpose.
1.2. Assumptions.
1.3. Terminology.
1.4. Standards and Codes of Practice.
1.5. Types of IR Databases.
1.5.1. Kinds of Objects Represented in Index Terms, Headings, and Entries.
1.5.2. Kinds of Index Terms Used.
1.5.3. Kinds of Indexable Matter Used.
1.5.4. Presentation and Methods for Searching.
1.5.5. Arrangement of Index Entries.
1.5.6. Methods for Analysis.
1.5.7. Methods for Term Selection in Indexing.
1.5.8. Methods for Term Combination in Searching.
1.5.9. Kinds of Documents Being Indexed.
1.5.10. Media of IR Databases.
1.5.11. Proximity of Documents Being Indexed.
1.5.12. Size of Documentary Units.
1.5.13. Periodicity of IR Databases.
1.5.14. Authorship of IR Databases.
1.5.15. Continuing Examples.
1.6. IR Databases Versus Other Types of Databases: A Recap.
1.6.1. Two Types of Databases.
1.6.2. IR Databases.



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