Licensing Law

Licensing Law

Structure the most lucrative and secure licensing agreements with time-saving expert analysis, forms and checklists.

Licensing Law for Attorneys in the United States

The Licensing Law entries and resources of the Encyclopedia of Law deliver valuable strategies, practical cautions and proven tactics to maximize the benefits for your clients while minimizing their risks.

It’s quick and easy to access analysis, sample agreements and checklists – all you need to ensure day-to-day profitability of license agreements. Our Licensing Law entries and resources of the Encyclopedia of Law deliver includes comprehensive topics, including:

  • Licensing “quick reference”, organized to help you structure agreements and protect your licensing interest, with analysis of trends from experts in their field
  • Drafting License Agreements, to deal quickly and effectively with today’s most complex licensing issues, coverage includes sample clauses and provisions, full-length model license agreements, practice-tested approaches to drafting critical license provisions and practical advice.
  • Licensing Agreements, offering the critical tools needed to draft, negotiate and finalize licensing deals, including sample agreements with explanations, in-depth analysis and authoritative discussions of current issues.
  • Licensing Royalty Rates, to help calculate the right royalty rate every time, detailing rates for products and services in art, celebrity, character and entertainment, collegiate, corporate, designer, event, sport, nonprofit and music.
  • Licensing entries, providing in-depth, practice-oriented licensing guidance from top attorneys in intellectual property, computer technology and entertainment law, containing valuable strategies, cautionary tips, and creative approaches to structure secure licensing deals.







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