Linked Data Service

Linked Data Service

The semantic web is aimed at improving the usability and accessibility of data. The development of the Semantic web also guide and recommend to create links between data from heterogeneous sources, leading in turn to the establishment of new services. The Legal Thesaurus, therefore, as several organizations and public institutions, offer its data in a form which is semantic-web-compatible. As in the case of the Encyclopedia of Law, the data is of general use within the public domain.

Semantic alignment to LCSH and SWD

A part of the concepts served in the Legal Thesaurus, some of them are semantically connected to the Library of Congress Subject Headings linked data available at and the German Natinal Library SWD linked data available at This relies on 60,000 manual mappings between RAMEAU and LCSH (resp., 20,000 between RAMEAU and SWD) provided by the MACS project



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