Outline of the Legal Index Classification

Scope and Arrangement

The Legal Index Classification covers the field of medicine and related sciences. The scheme is a system of classification intended to be used for the shelf arrangement of all library materials, regardless of format. Designed as a broad classification, it is suitable for both large and small library collections and may be adapted to handle specialized collections of any size.

The Legal Index Classification does not follow the system of mixed notation patterned after the Library of Congress (LC) Classification, where alphabetical letters which denote broad subject categories are further subdivided by numbers.

The headings for the individual schedules, together, provide an outline of the subjects that constitute the Legal Index Classification. These headings are interpreted broadly. The Classification is hierarchical.

How to use the indexes

This index covers articles in the Encyclopedia of Law Portals. Some topics include cross references to the index of some legal resources.

1. Use the menu at the top of the screen to select the type of retrieval tool:

  • Site search Full text search of the Lawi Project sites;
  • A – Z links show index terms in alphabetical order, one section at a time;
  • Subject Index lists a hierarchy of subject terms (some index terms are not listed);
  • By date lists cases and legislation by year;
  • Organizations lists organizations mentioned in the entries;
  • People lists personal names mentioned in the entries;
  • FAQs lists all entries based on Questions and Answers;
  • Search A – Z index allows you to search the index entries for a term;
    Home takes you to each home page.

2. Select a term from A-Z Index of the sidebar.

3. Click on the list of related (see also) terms in the right-hand frame to explore related topics. Not all index terms have see also terms.

4. Click on the document title to view the full text or abstract.


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