Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law

Build a better personal injury case from beginning to end.

Personal Injury Law

The Personal Injury Law entries and recourses of the Encyclopedia of Law provide quick and easy online access to our extensive collection of personal injury pre-trial and litigation forms including sample demand letters, interrogatories, motions, complaints and cross-examination guides.

Whether you are involved in multi-state tort litigation or must initiate or defend a case in an unfamiliar jurisdiction, you’re covered with our analysis of case law, statutes and procedures for all 50 states. The Personal Injury Law entries and recourses of the Encyclopedia of Law include, among others, these essential resources:

  • Guide to Tort Law, a Fifty-State Compendium, a indispensable guidebook providing succinct summaries of laws and citations to answer vital questions about each state’s tort laws.
  • Information about Personal Injury Procedures, providing case management tools at every step, from initiating the case to post-trial and appeal.
  • Entries and Guides about Workers’ Compensation, an arsenal of ready-to-use resources, techniques and tips—including expert insight, sample proofs, cross-examination guide and digests of federal and state statutes and case law.
  • Entries about Malingering and Deception in Litigation, offering guidance for presenting and defending against malingering evidence, including sample questions.
  • Entries about Medical Records, with a practical step-by-step guidance to help you interpret and use medical records to your best advantage.
  • Entries about Expert Witness, some of them focused on information on new trends relating to the topic of admitting and effectively questioning all types of experts at trial.






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