Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Successfully plan and negotiate to close more real estate deals with instant access to step-by-step guidance, strategies and forms.

Real Estate Law for Attorneys in the United States

The entries and resources about Real Estate Law in the Encyclopedia of Law ensure you are up-to-speed with constant legal and regulatory changes that can impact every phase of a real estate deal. It offers instant online access to what you need to prepare commercial lease agreements and handle disputes arising between real estate brokers and buyers and sellers of residential real estate.

Our entries and resources about Real Estate Law in the Encyclopedia of Law include, among others, these essential resources:

  • Entries and guides about Commercial Real Estate Transactions, with forms, clauses and checklists for use in all types of real estate transactions.
  • Entries about Commercial Real Estate Leases, with the law in all 50 states organized by product type to more quickly identify the most relevant and current decisions likely to affect your case.
  • A 50-State Guide to Commercial Real Estate Leases, providing immediate access to statutes relevant to commercial leasing in each of the 50 states.
  • Entries about the Law of Title Insurance, including clause-by-clause analysis of the standard title insurance policy with more in-depth discussion of all significant new and leading cases.
  • Entries about the Law of Real Estate Brokers, which offer sensible guidance you can use in your daily practice, assessing broker liability issues to help you confidently represent your clients.
  • Entries about Environmental Liability and Real Property Transactions, offering guidance to managing risks of environmental liabilities in real property transactions.






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