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Thesaurus Management Software

If you’re thinking about using database software you already have, or even building a thesaurus using word processing software, DON’T. Even a small thesaurus will represent a very large investment of time and intellectual effort. Software which will automate the clerical and repetitive tasks is available for a cost that’s very reasonable when you consider the true cost and value of the tool you will be producing.

A listing of some of the thesaurus management packages which are on the market today follows. The listing is organized in two parts: standalone software, and modules which are integral parts of larger systems.

Don’t be confused by statements about “has a thesaurus” in the publicity for packages designed for other purposes such as retrieval or library automation.

Many of these don’t manage a thesaurus; they simply provide access to a thesaurus file that’s stored in the package or read in from another resource.

Thesaurus Management Software Packages

This list of software geared toward the needs of professional indexers and vocabulary developers is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of such tools. As always, neither ASI nor the author endorses or promotes products, companies, political parties, religious groups, or other sites and information provided therein.


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