skos:example provides one or more examples of the use of a concept.

Document notes


SKOS has more types of notes for concepts than ISO 2788: scope notes, definition notes, history notes, etc. These properties can be extended to fit specific requirements.

Semantic relationships are crucial for the definition of concepts, as many KOS guidelines emphasize. However, next to these structured characterizations, concepts sometimes have to be further defined using human-readable (“informal”) documentation, such as scope notes or definitions.

SKOS provides a skos:note property for general documentation purposes. Inspired by existing KOS guidelines, such as ISO 2788 or BS 8723-2, this property specializes skos:scopeNote, skos:definition, skos:example and skos:historyNote to suit more specific types of documentation.

skos:example provides an example of the use of a concept:

ex:organizationsOfScienceAndCulture skos:example.
“science academies, general museums, world’s fairs”@en.



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