AEA Classification

There is a Guide, where each topic have guidelines and keywords. For example, in K1 Basic Areas of Law:

Guideline: Covers studies about economic issues in the basic areas of law: constitutional, property, contract, tort, and criminal laws.

Keywords: Amendment, Constitution, Constitutional Law.


Law and Economics

K0 – General

K00 – General

K1 – Basic Areas of Law

K10 – General
K11 – Property Law
K12 – Contract Law
K13 – Tort Law and Product Liability
K14 – Criminal Law
K19 – Other

K2 – Regulation and Business Law

K20 – General
K21 – Antitrust Law
K22 – Business and Securities Law (Updated!)
K23 – Regulated Industries and Administrative Law
K29 – Other

K3 – Other Substantive Areas of Law

K30 – General
K31 – Labor Law
K32 – Environmental, Health, and Safety Law
K33 – International Law
K34 – Tax Law
K35 – Personal Bankruptcy Law
K36 – Family and Personal Law
K37 – Immigration Law (Updated!)
K39 – Other

K4 – Legal Procedure, the Legal System, and Illegal Behavior

K40 – General
K41 – Litigation Process
K42 – Illegal Behavior and the Enforcement of Law
K49 – Other


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