Comparative Law Classification (Max Planck)

Comparative law

Notation Classification
Rvgl 1. History
Rvgl 2. Constitution
Rvgl 2.1. Constitution, general aspects
Rvgl 2.2. Federation and Constituent States/Regions [Foreign Relations Power see 6. 1.]
Rvgl 2.3. Parliament, Legislative Process
Rvgl 2.4. Elections
Rvgl 2.5. Political Parties
Rvgl 2.6. Government
Rvgl 2.7. Head of State
Rvgl 2.8. Basic Rights and Freedoms
Rvgl 2.8.1. Basic Rights, general aspects
Rvgl 2.8.2. Equality, Equal Rights
Rvgl 2.8.3. Freedom of Assembly, Information and Opinion [Freedom of Science see 3.2.6.; Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Broadcasting see 3.2.7.]
Rvgl 2.8.4. Basic Social and Economic Rights, Property [Right to Strike see 8.5.]
Rvgl 2.8.5. Other Basic Rights [Right to Petition see 2.3.; Conscientious Objection see 6.8.4.; Right of Asylum see 5.2.]
Rvgl 2.9. State and Church, Freedom of Religion
Rvgl 2.9.1. Relations between State and Church
Rvgl 2.9.2. Freedom of Religion
Rvgl 3. Administration
Rvgl 3.1. Administration, general aspects
Rvgl 3.1.1. Administrative Structure, Administrative Organization
Rvgl 3.1.2. Administrative Procedure, Administrative Enforcement
Rvgl 3.2. Administration, specific areas
Rvgl 3.2.1. Land Law, Building Law and Right of Way, Planning Law, Agriculture
Rvgl 3.2.2. Traffic System
Rvgl 3.2.3. Local By-laws and Self-government
Rvgl 3.2.4. Police Law
Rvgl 3.2.5. Public Service
Rvgl 3.2.6. Schools, Institutions of Higher Education, Culture, Science
Rvgl 3.2.7. Media Law, Press Law, Postal Affairs, Data Protection
Rvgl 3.2.8. Public Health [Social Security Law see 8.4.]
Rvgl 3.2.9. Environmental Protection, Waters, Protection of Monuments
Rvgl 3.2.10. Energy Law, Mineral Resources
Rvgl 3.2.11. Government Liability
Rvgl 4. Judicial Settlement of Disputes and Jurisprudence of Courts
Rvgl 4.1. Constitutional Jurisdiction
Rvgl 4.2. Administrative Jurisdiction
Rvgl 4.3. Other Legal Protection, Structure of Judicature, Execution of a Sentence [Jurisdiction of the Tax Courts see 7.; Social Jurisdiction see 8.4.]
Rvgl 5. Nationality and Law concerning Aliens [also International Law]
Rvgl 5.1. Law of Nationality [see also VR 15.2. etc.]
Rvgl 5.2. Law of Asylum and Refugee Law, Extradition [see also VR 15.4.]
Rvgl 5.3. Law concerning Aliens, Immigration and Emigration [see also VR 15.3.]
Rvgl 5.4. Minorities, Indigenous Peoples [see also VR 15.5.]
Rvgl 6. Foreign Affairs, Defence
Rvgl 6.1. Foreign Relations Power [see also VR 6.7.]
Rvgl 6.2. Foreign Service [see also VR 17. etc.]
Rvgl 6.3. Foreign Policy
Rvgl 6.4. Defence, Military, Military Law
Rvgl 7. Budget, Finance, Taxes, Duties
Rvgl 8. Economy
Rvgl 8.1. General Aspects, Law of Financial Administration
Rvgl 8.2. Law relating to Trades and Industry
Rvgl 8.3. Competition Law
Rvgl 8.4. Labour Law and Social Law
Rvgl 8.5. Trade Unions, Law of Strike


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