General Division Classification (Max Planck Institute)

General Division Classification (Max Planck Institute)

Notation System Tags

AA 1 General Theory of Law, Philosophy
AA 1.1.1 Legal Philosophy: Legal Philosophy
AA 1.2.2 Creation of law, interpretation: Lawmaking, Interpretation, Legal findings
AA 1.3.3 Legal Theory: Legal Theory, Natural law, Normativism, Positivism, Pure Theory of Law
AA 1.4.4 Sociology of Law: Sociology of Law
AA 1.5.5 Legal History: Legal History
AA 2 Political science, civics, constitution
AA 2.1.6 General Administrative Law: General Administrative Law
AA 2.2.7 Civics: Polity, Federal State, Democracy, Dictatorship, Federalism, Military Government,
Monarchy, People’s democracy
AA 2.3. Constitutional Theory
AA Constitutional theory, general questions: Constitutional Theory
AA Rule of Law: Rule of Law
AA Separation of powers: Separation of powers, Parliamentarism
AA 2.4.11 Administrative Theory: Administrative Theory, Planning
AA 3 Policy
AA 3.1.12 Political ideologies: Poltical ideology, Imperialism, Fascism, Capitalism, Communism, Leninism, Liberalism, Marxism, Nationalism, Socialism, Totalitarianism
AA 3.2.13 Religious ideologies: Religious ideology, Fundamentalism, Zionism
AA 3.3.14 Political parties: Party
AA 3.4.15 Political science: Political science
AA 4 Right of individual religious communities
AA 4.1.16 Religion and State: Religion and State
AA 4.2.17 Some religious communities: Religion, Buddhism,
Catholic Church
Ecumenical movement
Orthodox Church
Protestant churches

AA 518 Biographical Publications: People

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