Table of contents

  1. Notes
  2. UML file
  3. XMI file
  4. Image


This data model applies to any thesaurus conforming to BS 8723-2.

  • Naming convention
    • The names used in this diagram were modified to match the names used in the XML Schema. Most elements use GovTalk’s UpperCamelCase recommendation.
    • Where relevant, the name of Dublin Core elements are used as elements in the XML Schema. In this case, the name follows the Dublin Core lowerCamelCase convention.
  • Associations
    • The diamond symbol in the diagram represents an aggregation. This symbol is used to indicate that in the XML the definition of an object will be nested in its parent object.
    • Normal associations (without a diamond) indicate a relationship of the type ID/IDRef in XML.

UML file

The model of DD8723-5 can be downloaded as a UML file to be edited with StarUML from the following location Model.uml>.

XMI file

StarUML was used to export this diagram in the XMI format. This XMI file can be downloaded from the following location Model.xmi>.


The model of DD8723-5 can be downloaded as an image from the following locationModel.jpg>.