Schiller Classification System

Schiller Classification System

A call number in the Schiller classification system is comprised of an abbreviation to designate a legal system, followed by a number indicating the specific subject area within the system. The legal systems covered by Schiller include the following:

A Ancient Law (e.g., A.Ch)
Comp Comparative Law
Eccl Canon Law
Hin Brahmin-Buddhist Law
GH History of Law
GJ Legal Philosophy & Jurisprudence
Jew Biblical, Talmudic & Rabbinical Law of the Jews
Moh Mohammedan Law
M Medieval Law (e.g., M.Fr)
Pr Preliterate Law
Rom Roman Law

Foreign legal systems are also assigned Schiller call numbers. Examples:

Af.Gam Law of Gambia
It Law of Italy
Thai Law of Thailand
Jpn Law of Japan
Sp.Mex Law of Mexico

The subject divisions within these legal systems are shown in the table below. (Please note that the numbers for a given subject division apply across all countries and legal systems covered by the Schiller classification system. This fact makes searches by call number a good and quick way to find materials in the same subject area across different legal systems.)

0-99 Reference 200-299 Jurisprudence
100-199 Sources of the Law 300-399 Law of Persons
110 Statutes 400-499 Property
120 Codes 450 Succession
130 Custom 500-599 Obligations (Contracts & Torts)
140 Jurists 600-699 Commercial Law
150 Court Reports & Digests 700-799 Civil Procedure
160 Public Documents 800-899 Crim. Law & Proc.
170 Non-Legal Sources 900-999 Public Law
180 Local Sources 910 Constitutional Law
190 History 930 Administrative Law


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