About the Thesaurus

About the Thesaurus

The Thesaurus is the essential search tool for all users of the Encyclopedia of Law. The Thesaurus is not only an invaluable aid for database users but it has many potential uses by individuals and organizations indexing their own information resources for both internal use and on the Internet.

Its strengths include:
Controlled vocabulary
Regularly updated
Broad coverage of legal issues
Approximately 23.000 terms, including preferred terms and non-preferred terms
Specific terminology for all areas of law covered
Broad, narrow and related terms to help users find relevant terminology
Cross-references from non-preferred synonyms to preferred terms
American and British spelling variants

Creating a search string using the Search String box
Clicking on an “add” button will add the adjacent term to the Search String box. The search string can be extended by adding further terms. Once complete the search string may be sent to a search engine by clicking “Send to Thesaurus” or “Send to Google” or “Send to Yahoo”. The search results are displayed in a separate browser tab.

For example, searchin law OR antitrust law OR company law or will be displayed in Google like this:”law” OR “antitrust law” OR “company law”. In Yahoo:”law” OR “antitrust law” OR “company law”

The Search String box is fully editable. A search string may be edited at any time.


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