General Litigation

General Litigation

Practical guidance and tools to quickly and easily navigate all stages of the litigation process.

General Litigation in the United States

You’ll find trial tactics and procedural tips from practicing litigators and industry experts, along with forms and checklists – all in one searchable website.

The entries and resources of the Encyclopedia of Law about this topic include:

  • Deposition entries, based on professional experiences, guide discusses objectives, strategies, tactics, mechanics and problems in taking depositions
  • Discovery Practice, a trial-tested guidance through every stage of the discovery process.
  • Electronic Discovery regulation and its practice, a first single-source group of entries offering clear, concise analysis of electronic discovery with a focus on practical application
  • Evidence Rules entries, a comprehensive yet easy-to-use group of recourses about the federal rules of evidence and their state counterparts.
  • Judgment Enforcement entries, an essential guide on the judgment enforcement process from discovery to execution.
  • Jury Selection entries, offering expert analysis of jury selection law and scientific methodology with specific courtroom applications to select a fair-minded and unprejudiced jury.
  • Malingering and Deception in Litigation entries, which offer guidance for presenting and defending against malingering evidence, including sample questions.
  • Motion Practice entries, offering practical, expert advice on pretrial, trial, post-trial and appellate motions.
  • Voir Dire Questions, providing focused coverage on this important step in jury selection to determine the suitability of prospective jurors.
  • Witness Preparation entries, offering general techniques of witness preparation and how to prepare for trial testimony.
  • Expert Witness resources, providing guidance on new trends relating to the topic of admitting and effectively questioning all types of experts at trial.






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