List of LCSH Law Concepts

Ecclesiastical law

Civil law

Lübeck law

Law, Burgundian

Danger (Law)

Law, Hittite

Law, Celtic

Noahide Laws

Law, Frisian

Law, Fula

Navajo law

Law, Sapiny

Law, Tiruray

Law, Tiv

Law family

Customary laws

Adat law

Jewish law

Retroactive laws

Law, Sotho

Transfer (Law)

Law, Oriental

Hindu law

Law, Germanic

Law, Greek

Mistake (Law)

Sanctions (Law)

Estates (Law)

Law, Ancient

Law, Bantu

Law, Saxon

Law, Tswana


Martial law

Consular law

Law, Frankish

Law, Lombard

Law, Primitive

Encumbrances (Law)

Karaite law

Law, Bafokeng

Law, Kgatla

Law, Visigothic

Law, Circassian

Law, Samaritan

Law, Semitic

Maya law


Law, Sassanid



Law, Sumerian

Law, Arusha

Law, Ashanti

Aztec law

Law, Bahnar

Law, Bedouin

Chemehuevi law

Cherokee law

Choctaw law

Cheyenne law

Dakota law

Siksika law

Chickasaw law

Law, Chin

Creek law

Law, Dusun

Law, Ewe

Law, Garo

Law, Gothic

Law, Spartan

Guahibo law

Law, Haya

Inca law

Iroquois law

Seneca law

Law, Kabyle

Law, Kalinga

Law, Kamba

Law, Kandyan

Law, Kapauku

Law, Khasi

Law, Lozi

Law, Medieval

Mohave law

Law, Mongolian

Law, Mossi

Nahua law

Law, Nandi

Law, Santali

Law, Scandinavian

Law, Slavic

Law, Venda

Law, Zande

Zuni law

Jicarilla law

Law examinations

Law firms

Violence (Law)

Townsite law

Zoroastrian law

Zapotec law

Law, Kusu

Law, Kongo

Law, Adi

Law, Berber

Egyptian law

Physical laws

Law, Ibaloi

Law, Buriat

Mapuche law

Law, Kazakh

Law, Turkmen

Law, Diola

Ojibwa law

Law, Akan

Law, Dagaaba

Law, Alemannic

Law, Kyrgyz

Law, Bukusu

Hopi law

Yaqui law

Law, Ndebele

Carrier law

Law, Etruscan

Apache law

Law reviews

Law, Xhosa

Law reviews

Law teachers

Session laws

Law, Romani


Islamic law

Criminal law (Canon law)

Administrative law (Canon law)

Practice of law

Marriage (Islamic law)

Laws of thermodynamics

Secrecy–Law and legislation

Roman law

Law, Byzantine

Conflict of laws–Administrative law

Conflict of laws–Commercial law

Conflict of laws–Ecclesiastical law

Conflict of laws–Maritime law

Conflict of laws–Mining law

Conflict of laws–Game laws

Customary law

Law, Ngoni

Law, Bandial

Law, Igbo

Law, Meo

Law, Sukuma

Law, Hehe

Law, Itsekiri

Law, Yolngu

Accident law

Codices (Law)

Corporation law

Criminal law (Roman law)

Customary law (Roman law)

International law (Hindu law)

International law (Islamic law)

Game laws (Islamic law)

Game laws (Jewish law)

International law (Roman law)

International law (Greek law)

Election law

Burial laws

Naval law

Charles’ law

Insurance law

Common law

Advertising laws

Feudal law

Law clerks

Law, Yoruba

Drainage laws

Irrigation laws

Law, Maori

Law, Kipsigis

Law, Chaga

Law, Dinka

Law, Ila

Law, Nuer

Summation (Law)

Law, Yanzi

Law, Ao

Law, Kuria

Law, Khasa

Law, Meithei

Law, Bamileke

Law, Chokossi

Law, Hmar


Colonies–Law and legislation

Law, Indo-European

Performance (Law)

Highway law

Canon law

Building laws

Business law

Commercial law

Persons (Law)

Correctional law

Engineering law

Duress (Law)

Procedure (Law)

Forms (Law)


Consideration (Law)

Law enforcement


Narcotic laws

Prodigals (Law)

Homestead law



Law, Shona

Law libraries

Things (Law)





Maritime law

Antitrust law

Pleading (Canon law)

Probate law and practice

Labels–Law and legislation

Law (Philosophical concept)

Portraits–Law and legislation

Finance–Law and legislation

Horses–Law and legislation

Latin language–Law Latin


Material facts (Law)

Marriage law–Germany

Money–Law and legislation

Betrothal–Law and legislation

Accounting–Law and legislation

Fences–Law and legislation

Alien and Sedition laws, 1798

Practice of law (Jewish law)

Conflict of laws–Antitrust law

Canon law–Roman influences

Conflict of laws–Corporations

Conflict of laws–Age

Conflict of laws–Agency

Conflict of laws–Evidence

Conflict of laws–Executions

Conflict of laws–Formalities

Conflict of laws–Insurance

Conflict of laws–Justification

Conflict of laws–Liability

Conflict of laws–Marriage

Conflict of laws–Obligations

Conflict of laws–Performance

Conflict of laws–Persons

Conflict of laws–Possession

Conflict of laws–Retroactivity

Conflict of laws–Transfer


Islamic law–Roman influences

Law, Germanic–Roman influences

Conflict of laws–Separation

Conflict of laws–Time

Conflict of laws–Personality

Conflict of laws–Prescription

Conflict of laws–Composition

Criminal law (Canon law)–Oriental Catholic churches

Marriage law

Collection laws

Usury laws

Law offices

Railroad law

Natural law

Administrative law

Banking law

Local laws

Criminal law

Obscenity (Law)


Dairy laws

Poor laws


Airspace (Law)

Humanitarian law


Conflict of laws

International law

Military law

Environmental law

Space law

Game laws

Farm law

Practice of law (Canon law)

Practice of law (Islamic law)

Practice of law (Germanic law)

Practice of law (Roman law)

Practice of law (Greek law)

Law, Tonga (Zambezi)

Electronic discovery (Law)

Consumer protection–Law and legislation

Land reform–Law and legislation

Securities industry–Law and legislation

Antidumping duties–Law and legislation

Automobiles–Defects–Law and legislation

Land tenure–Law and legislation

Roman-Dutch law

Judge-made law

Common law–Roman influences

Factory laws and legislation

Interest (Jewish law)

Irrigation laws, Colonial

Law–United States

Mining law, Colonial

Weber-Fechner law

Railroad law, Colonial

Boyle’s law

Paraplegia (Canon law)

Town laws, Medieval

Law and ethics

Kitniyyot (Jewish law)

Charity laws and legislation

Legal maxims (Canon law)

Women (Canon law)

Jews (Canon law)

Causation (Criminal law)

Religion and law

Women (Byzantine law)

Conflict of laws–Aeronautics

Conflict of laws–Average

Conflict of laws–Delegation

Conflict of laws–Patents

Conflict of laws–Pollution

Conflict of laws–Sanctions

Customary law, International

Deaf (Jewish law)

Law and economic development

Widows (Roman law)

Widows (Canon law)

Evasion (Islamic law)

Jews–Dietary laws

Muslims–Dietary laws

Women (Hindu law)

Widows (Hindu law)

Ideal gas law

Patents (International law)

Widows (Islamic law)

Women (Islamic law)

Blood money (Islamic law)

Fetus (Jewish law)

Brokers (Jewish law)

Widows (Jewish law)

Law–Great Britain

Women (Greek law)

Legal maxims (Roman law)

Nursing–Law and legislation

Women (Roman law)

Blind (Roman law)

Teachers (Roman law)

Deaf (Roman law)

Immigrants (Canon law)

Gentiles (Jewish law)

Rabbis (Jewish law)

Agricultural laws and legislation

Mukhāṭarah (Islamic law)

International criminal law

Qiyās (Islamic law)

Iḥtiyāṭ (Islamic law)

Blind (Islamic law)

Foundlings (Islamic law)

Fetus (Islamic law)

Interest (Islamic law)

Women (Adat law)

Apportionment (Election law)

Annotations and citations (Law)

Liquor laws

Insanity (Law)

Press law

Liability (Law)


Zoning law

Formalities (Law)


Law digests

Common law marriage (Islamic law)

Conflict of laws–Industrial laws and legislation

Conflict of laws–Petroleum law and legislation

Criminal law (Canon law)–Orthodox Eastern Church

Conflict of laws–Probate law and practice

Administrative law (Canon law)–Orthodox Eastern Church

Conflict of laws–Common law marriage

Conflict of laws–Fishery law and legislation

Mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law

Elevators–Law and legislation

Plumbing–Law and legislation

Theaters–Law and legislation

Ventilation–Law and legislation

Dead bodies (Law)

Burmese Buddhist law

Industrial laws and legislation

Canals–Law and legislation

Church buildings (Canon law)

Clandestinity (Canon law)

Domicile (Canon law)

Interfaith marriage (Canon law)

Irregularities (Canon law)

Sacred space (Canon law)

Canon law–Reception

Canon law–Eastern churches

Roman law–Influence

Good behavior (Law)

Law and aesthetics

Lacunae in law

Christian education (Canon law)

Christianity and law

Conflict of laws–Citizenship

Immoral conditions (Law)

Civil law–Classification

Discrimination–Law and legislation

Treasure troves (Byzantine law)

Colonatus (Roman law)

Colonies (International law)

Commercial law–United States

Conflict of laws–Taxation

Complaints (Military law)

Compromise (Islamic law)

Computers–Law and legislation

Law and globalization

Law of areas (Mechanics)

Conflict of laws–Adoption

Conflict of laws–Alimony

Conflict of laws–Bankruptcy

Conflict of laws–Contracts

Conflict of laws–Divorce

Conflict of laws–Domicile

Conflict of laws–Illegitimacy

Insurance law, International

Conflict of laws–Jurisdiction

Conflict of laws–Loans

Conflict of laws–Partnership

Conflict of laws–Paternity

Conflict of laws–Property

Conflict of laws–Sales

Conflict of laws–Torts

Conflict of laws–Trademarks

Conflict of laws–Wills

Mistake (Criminal law)

Good faith (Law)

Law of the sea

Continuous voyages (International law)

International and municipal law

Cooking (Jewish law)

Theater–Law and legislation

Corporation law–Digests

Universitates (Civil law)

Nonprofit organizations (Roman law)

Prisons–Law and legislation

Science and law

Law and literature

Rule of law

Criminal law–Digests

Environmental law, International

Dialectical materialism, Laws of

Jains–Dietary laws

Prior consultation (International law)

Dogs–Law and legislation

Earthwork–Law and legislation

Fishery law and legislation

Environmental law–Digests

Executions (Law)–Digests

Law and gospel

Water–Law and legislation

Whaling–Law and legislation

Sikhs–Dietary laws

Constitutional law–France

Roman law–Reception

Sex and law

Hospitals–Law and legislation

Property (Ngoni law)

Prenuptial agreements (Samaritan law)

Iniuria (Roman law)

Interdict (Civil law)

Marine insurance (Jewish law)

Trademarks (International law)

Nuclear ships (International law)

Persons (International law)

Social security (International law)

International law–Classification

International law–Sources

Conditional sales (Islamic law)

Interfaith marriage (Islamic law)

Poll tax (Islamic law)

Marine insurance (Islamic law)

Illegal contracts (Islamic law)

Auctions (Islamic law)

Land grants (Islamic law)

Exceptions (Islamic law)

Evidence, Circumstantial (Islamic law)

Novation (Islamic law)

Warranty (Islamic law)

Interfaith marriage (Jewish law)

Technology and Jewish law

Housing (Jewish law)

Culture and law

Technology and law

Buddhism and law

Confucianism and law

Law, Assyro-Babylonian

Law–Chile–Roman influences

Law–Europe–Roman influences

Law–Hungary–Roman influences

Law–Italy–Roman influences

Law–Netherlands–Roman influences

Law–Portugal–Roman influences

Law–Scandinavia–Roman influences

Law–Spain–Roman influences

Law–Switzerland–Roman influences

Law, Anglo-Saxon

Law, Byzantine–Reception

Property (Igbo law)

Town laws, Medieval

Law–Political aspects

Law and magic

Maritime law–Digests

Interfaith marriage (Roman law)

Martial law–United States

Law and anthroposophy

Nuclear weapons (International law)

Obligations (Law)–Digests

Open city (International law)

Pesticides–Law and legislation

Press law, International

Law and biology

Railroad law, International

Treasure troves (Roman law)

Military wills (Roman law)

Roman law–Classification

Seven species (Jewish law)

African American law schools

Telegraph–Law and legislation

Constitutional law–United States

Wager of law

Zoning law–Digests

Land tenure (Itsekiri law)

Land tenure (Yolngu law)

Common law–Reception

Civil law–Reception

Conflict of laws–Concubinage

Conflict of laws–Subrogation

Conflict of laws–Assignments

First law of thermodynamics

Second law of thermodynamics

Zeroth law of thermodynamics

Conflict of laws–Minors

Conflict of laws–Draft

Canon law–Coptic Church

Conflict of laws–Futures

Things (Islamic law)

Conflict of laws–Malpractice

Prenuptial agreements (Jewish law)

Conflict of laws–Confiscations

Conflict of laws–Checks

Conflict of laws–Restitution

Conflict of laws–Securities

Conflict of laws–Gifts

Palestine–Boundaries (Jewish law)

Internet–Law and legislation

Hispanic American law students

Conflict of laws–Gambling

Reasonable care (Law)

Taʻzīr punishment (Islamic law)

Bible and law

Conflict of laws–Damages

Delay (Islamic law)

Ijmāʻ (Islamic law)

Law firm associates

Law, Toba-Batak

Law and geography

Legacies (Islamic law)

Prenuptial agreements (Roman law)

Coffee (Islamic law)

Metaphor (Islamic law)

Health insurance (Islamic law)

Absolution (Canon law)

Prenuptial agreements (Canon law)

Human body (Canon law)

Law and the humanities

Television (Islamic law)

Prenuptial agreements (Islamic law)

Average (Maritime law)

Obviousness (Patent law)

Codes (Jewish law)

Aeronautics–Law and legislation

Command responsibility (International law)

Adat law–Malaysia

Airports–Law and legislation

Amusements–Law and legislation

Black Muslims–Dietary laws

Boxing–Law and legislation

Mining law

Labor laws and legislation

Emigration and immigration law

Dumping (International trade)–Law and legislation

People with disabilities–Legal status, laws, etc.

Jews–Legal status, laws, etc.–Germany

Disclosure of information–Law and legislation

Jews–Legal status, laws, etc.

Law–International unification

Uses (Law)

Comparative law

Compromise (Law)

Obedience (Law)

Session laws

Children–Legal status, laws, etc.

Conflict of laws–Public policy

Conflict of laws–Third parties

Annotations and citations (Roman law)

Animal welfare–Law and legislation

Costs (Law)

Vicars, Parochial (Canon law)

War, Maritime (International law)

Clergy (Canon law)

Gas laws (Physical chemistry)

Classification (Conflict of laws)

Slavery–Law and legislation

Public health laws

Patent laws and legislation

Pharmacy–Law and legislation

Fruit–Law and legislation

Law and fact

Married women (Hindu law)

International law and socialism

Married women (Islamic law)

Larceny (Jewish law)

Critically ill (Jewish law)

Married women (Jewish law)

Public relations and law

Law–Brazil–Roman influences

Law–France–Roman influences

Law–Poland–Roman influences

Married women (Ila law)

Taxation–Law and legislation

Married women (Roman law)

Automobiles–Law and legislation

Solo law practice

Radio–Law and legislation

Telephone–Law and legislation

Transportation–Law and legislation

Vegetables–Law and legislation

Migrant labor (Canon law)

African American law students

African American law teachers

Jus cogens (International law)

Drug addicts (Canon law)

Women (Assyro-Babylonian law)

Pregnant women (Islamic law)

Mute persons (Islamic law)

Complementarity (International law)

Consanguinity (Canon law)

Evidence (Canon law)

Nullity (Canon law)

Parishes (Canon law)

Persons (Canon law)

Procedure (Canon law)

Relics (Canon law)

Marriage (Canon law)

Remarriage (Canon law)

Chiropractic–Law and legislation

Forestry law and legislation

Petroleum law and legislation

Interest–Law and legislation

Complaints (Canon law)

False demonstration (Law)

Constitutional law–Terminology

Domestic relations (Islamic law)

Eggs–Law and legislation

Gas–Law and legislation

Holocaust and Jewish law

Homosexuality–Law and legislation

Alimony (Islamic law)

Debt cancellation (Islamic law)

Performance (Islamic law)

Human body (Islamic law)

Lobbying–Law and legislation

Discrimination in law enforcement

Naval convoys (International law)

Sewerage–Law and legislation

Rice–Law and legislation

Warranty (Roman law)

Television–Law and legislation

Graham’s law

Animal welfare (Jewish law)

Juristic persons (Islamic law)

Air Force law

Adultery (Canon law)

Affinity (Canon law)

AIDS (Disease) (Islamic law)

Dental laws and legislation

Law and art

Drugs–Law and legislation

Kepler’s laws

Sanctions (International law)

Internal revenue law

Sugar laws and legislation

Women (Jewish law)

Bal tashḥit (Jewish law)

Soldiers (Jewish law)

AIDS (Disease) (Canon law)

Istiṣlāḥ (Islamic law)

Paranoia (Canon law)

Maqāṣid (Islamic law)

Commentaries (Civil law systems)

Brewing industry–Law and legislation

Freedom of religion (Canon law)

Canon law–Oriental Catholic churches

Canon law–Orthodox Eastern Church

Combatants and noncombatants (International law)

Computer networks–Law and legislation

Names, Personal–Law and legislation

Cooperative societies–Law and legislation

Domestic animals–Law and legislation

Electric railroads–Law and legislation

Finance, Public–Law and legislation

Natural gas–Law and legislation

Income tax–Law and legislation

Freedom of religion (International law)

Mines (Military explosives) (International law)

Prisoners of war (Islamic law)

Marriage (Canon law)–Eastern churches

Interracial marriage–Law and legislation

Female circumcision–Law and legislation

Ocean bottom–Law and legislation

Offshore structures–Law and legislation

Public welfare–Law and legislation

Street-railroads–Law and legislation

Shipbuilding industry–Law and legislation

Customary law–Congo (Democratic Republic)

Law and the social sciences

Divorce (Canon law)–Coptic Church

Jewish law–Quotations, maxims, etc.

Transsexuals–Legal status, laws, etc.

Midwives–Legal status, laws, etc.

Custody of children (Islamic law)

Law Day U.S.A.

Actions and defenses (Islamic law)

Lost articles–Law and legislation

Aeronautics, Commercial–Law and legislation

Medical laws and legislation

Educational law and legislation

Mental health laws

Conflict of laws–Labor laws and legislation

Medical laws and legislation (Jewish law)

Prize law

Constitutional law

City planning and redevelopment law

Conflict of laws–Parent and child

Merchant mariners–Legal status, laws, etc.

Mixture of permitted and forbidden foods (Jewish law)

Law reports, digests, etc.

Law and socialism

Heating–Law and legislation

Church property (Canon law)

Theological seminaries (Canon law)

Dead bodies (Canon law)

Church schools (Canon law)

Law–Interpretation and construction

Communication in law

Law of large numbers

Dalton’s law

Explosives–Law and legislation

Medigap–Law and legislation

Law–Great Britain–History

Law–United States–History

Medicaid–Law and legislation

Medicare–Law and legislation

Professions–Law and legislation

Wildfires–Law and legislation

527 groups–Law and legislation

Anesthesia–Law and legislation

Conflict of laws–Civil procedure

Conflict of laws–Competition, Unfair

Conflict of laws–Health insurance

Educational law and legislation, Colonial

Architects–Legal status, laws, etc.

Islamic law–Interpretation and construction

People with disabilities (Jewish law)

Labor laws and legislation, Colonial

Law–Soviet Union–Roman influences

Law–United States–Roman influences

Student aid–Law and legislation

Veterinarians–Legal status, laws, etc.

African American women law teachers

Animal industry–Law and legislation

People with disabilities (Islamic law)

Cables, Submarine–Law and legislation

Preliminary questions (Conflict of laws)

Gays–Legal status, laws, etc.

Conflict of laws–Commercial agents

Conflict of laws–Consumer protection

Conflict of laws–Contracts, Maritime

Conflict of laws–Domestic relations

Conflict of laws–Estate planning

Conflict of laws–Foreign exchange

Conflict of laws–Government liability

Conflict of laws–International clearing

Conflict of laws–Juristic persons

Conflict of laws–Labor contract

Conflict of laws–Married women

Conflict of laws–Matrimonial actions

Conflict of laws–Names, Personal

Conflict of laws–Private companies

Conflict of laws–Products liability

Conflict of laws–Quasi contracts

Conflict of laws–Vested rights

Postal service–Law and legislation

Effectiveness and validity of law

Electric utilities–Law and legislation

Water–Pollution–Law and legislation

Industrial hygiene–Law and legislation

Fire prevention–Law and legislation

Salmon fisheries–Law and legislation

Constitutional law–Great Britain–Colonies

Inheritance and succession (Ngoni law)

Medical laws and legislation, International

Labor laws and legislation, International

Milk and meat (Jewish law)

Law–Europe, Eastern–Roman influences

Religion and law–Great Britain

Law–Great Britain–Roman influences

Law–Latin America–Roman influences

Prenuptial agreements (Roman-Dutch law)

Patron and client (Roman law)

Steam-boilers–Law and legislation

Telegraph, Wireless–Law and legislation

Conflict of laws–Marital property

Conflict of laws–Child support

Conflict of laws–Express trusts

Conflict of laws–Works councils

Fashion design–Law and legislation

Conflict of laws–License agreements

Conflict of laws–Technology transfer

Conflict of laws–Charter-parties

Conflict of laws–Labor disputes

Conflict of laws–Industrial property

Conflict of laws–Intellectual property

Conflict of laws–Copyright licenses

Conflict of laws–Conditional sales

Conflict of laws–Negotiable instruments

Conflict of laws–Debts, External

Conflict of laws–Negotiorum gestio

Law offices–Records and correspondence

Conflict of laws–Export controls

Conflict of laws–Joint ventures

Conflict of laws–Credit cards

Conflict of laws–Public contracts

Conflict of laws–Co-heirs

Conflict of laws–Juristic acts

Nurseries (Horticulture)–Law and legislation

Soil conservation–Law and legislation

Conflict of laws–Eminent domain

Conflict of laws–Administrative procedure

Conflict of laws–Unclaimed estates

Conflict of laws–Construction contracts

Impediments to marriage (Islamic law)

Conflict of laws–Unjust enrichment

Conflict of laws–Joint tortfeasors

Racial profiling in law enforcement

Conflict of laws–Corporate veil

Conflict of laws–Automobile insurance

Conflict of laws–Life insurance

Conflict of laws–Prenuptial agreements

Bill-posting–Law and legislation

Television advertising–Law and legislation

Conflict of laws–Electronic commerce

Conflict of laws–Consulting contracts

Beauty shops–Law and legislation

Bee culture–Law and legislation

Conflict of laws–Social security

Forestry law and legislation, Colonial

Law, Luo (Kenya and Tanzania)

Race defilement (Nuremberg Laws of 1935)

Law firms–Ratings and rankings

Veterinary hygiene–Law and legislation

Agricultural laws and legislation, Colonial

Consanguinity (Canon law)–Oriental Catholic churches

Contiguous zones (Law of the sea)

Marriage (Luo (Kenya and Tanzania) law)

Marriage (Canon law)–Oriental Catholic churches

Moratorium on payment of debts (Roman law)

Open and closed shop–Law and legislation–United States

Dissenters, Religious–Legal status, laws, etc.

Persons (Canon law)–Oriental Catholic churches

Procedure (Canon law)–Oriental Catholic churches

Dennis the Menace (Fictitious character : Law)

Respect for persons–Law and legislation

Government aid to law enforcement agencies

Assistance in emergencies–Law and legislation

Older people–Legal status, laws, etc.

Food law and legislation

Public interest law

Public health laws, International

Third law of thermodynamics

Divorce (Canon law)

Law officers (Courts-martial)

Doctor of laws degree

Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution law

Law and economics

Surgery–Law and legislation

Tariff–Law and legislation

Law enforcement–Civilian employees

Airspace (International law)

Firearms–Law and legislation

Councils and synods (Canon law)

Inheritance and succession (Canon law)

Lord’s Supper (Canon law)

Impediments to marriage (Canon law)

Capacity and disability (Canon law)

Educational law and legislation–Digests

Export associations–Law and legislation

Flood control–Law and legislation

Women–Employment–Law and legislation

Labor laws and legislation–Terminology

Osteopathic medicine–Law and legislation

Wheat trade–Law and legislation

Zip codes–Law and legislation

401(k) plans–Law and legislation

Climatic changes–Law and legislation

Terrorism–Prevention–Law and legislation

Exhaustion of local remedies (International law)

Points of contact (Conflict of laws)

Marine resources conservation–Law and legislation

Marine resources development–Law and legislation

Social workers–Legal status, laws, etc.

Church property (Canon law)–Oriental Catholic churches

Clergy (Canon law)–Orthodox Eastern Church

Consanguinity (Canon law)–Orthodox Eastern Church

United States–Foreign relations–Law and legislation

Dead bodies (Canon law)–Eastern churches

Divorce (Canon law)–Orthodox Eastern Church

Equality before the law–United States

Evidence (Canon law)–Orthodox Eastern Church

Meat industry and trade–Law and legislation

Book industries and trade–Law and legislation

United Nations Decade of International Law, 1990-1999

Iroquois Indians–Legal status, laws, etc.

Marriage (Canon law)–Orthodox Eastern Church

Nullity (Canon law)–Orthodox Eastern Church

Parishes (Canon law)–Orthodox Eastern Church

Remarriage (Canon law)–Orthodox Eastern Church

Procedure (Canon law)–Orthodox Eastern Church

Marriage–Annulment (Canon law)–Oriental Catholic churches

Abandoned children–Legal status, laws, etc.

Adultery (Canon law)–Orthodox Eastern Church

Affinity (Canon law)–Orthodox Eastern Church

Automobile leasing and renting–Law and legislation

Married women–Legal status, laws, etc.

Inheritance and succession (Tonga (Zambezi) law)

Federal aid to law enforcement agencies

Transportation, Automotive–Law and legislation

Bills of health (Maritime law)

Catholic Church–Government

Extenuating circumstances

Inland navigation–Law and legislation

Precept (Canon law)

Recognition (International law)

Law–Psychological aspects

Alcoholic beverage law violations

Foreign exchange–Law and legislation

Forest fires–Law and legislation

Economic zones (Law of the sea)

Church maintenance and repair (Ecclesiastical law)

Capacity and disability (Canon law)–Orthodox Eastern Church

Church property (Canon law)–Orthodox Eastern Church

Church schools (Canon law)–Orthodox Eastern Church

Conflict of laws–Culpa in contrahendo

Law libraries–Services to people with disabilities

Conflict of laws–Contracts to make wills

Conflict of laws–Custody of children

Conflict of laws–Debtor and creditor

Conflict of laws–Foreign trade regulation

Conflict of laws–Husband and wife

Conflict of laws–Inheritance and succession

Conflict of laws–Legitimation of children

Conflict of laws–Letters of credit

Conflict of laws–Lex loci delicti

Conflict of laws–Liability for aircraft accidents

Conflict of laws–Liability for marine accidents

Conflict of laws–Liability for traffic accidents

Conflict of laws–Standardized terms of contract

Conflict of laws–Support (Domestic relations)

Conflict of laws–Trusts and trustees

Councils and synods (Canon law)–Eastern churches

Evolution (Biology)–Study and teaching–Law and legislation

Emigration and immigration law–United States

Gases, Asphyxiating and poisonous–Law and legislation

Impediments to marriage (Canon law)–Oriental Catholic churches

Impediments to marriage (Canon law)–Orthodox Eastern Church

Inheritance and succession (Canon law)–Eastern churches

Law–Study and teaching (Continuing education)

Law–United States–Territories and possessions

Liquefied petroleum gas–Law and legislation

Monasticism and religious orders (Canon law)–Oriental Catholic churches

Patriarchs and patriarchate (Canon law)–Oriental Catholic churches

Regional planning–Law and legislation–Digests

Theological seminaries (Canon law)–Orthodox Eastern Church

Conflict of laws–Government business enterprises

Conflict of laws–Power of attorney

Conflict of laws–Privacy, Right of

Conflict of laws–Bills of lading

Conflict of laws–Guardian and ward

Conflict of laws–Liability for environmental damages

Conflict of laws–Non-contentious jurisdiction

Conflict of laws–Set-off and counterclaim

Conflict of laws–Suretyship and guaranty

Conflict of laws–Recording and registration

Conflict of laws–Air charter contracts

Conflict of laws–Delivery of goods

Conflict of laws–Vendors and purchasers

Conflict of laws–Employee participation in management

Conflict of laws–Authors and publishers

Conflict of laws–Capacity and disability

Conflict of laws–Strikes and lockouts

Conflict of laws–Liberty of contract

Conflict of laws–Bills of exchange

Conflict of laws–Timesharing (Real estate)

Conflict of laws–Limitation of actions

Conflict of laws–Executors and administrators

Conflict of laws–Same-sex marriage

Real estate business–Law and legislation

Aircraft accidents–Investigation–Law and legislation

Conflict of laws–Arbitration and award

Jesus Christ–Views on Jewish dietary laws, [Views on Jewish law, etc.]

Law for laypersons

Chemical reaction, Conditions and laws of

War victims–Legal status, laws, etc.

Benefitting from a wrongful act (Jewish law)



Marriage settlements

Stare decisis

Forcible entry and detainer

False personation


Interest (Ownership rights)

Legal literature–Publishing

Trover and conversion

Defense (Civil procedure)

Aggravating circumstances

Constructal theory

Bar examinations

Conditional sales (Roman law)

Indo-European languages–Phonology

Burial laws (Canon law)

Burial laws (Jewish law)

Burial laws (Roman law)

Customary law (Canon law)

Election law (Canon law)

Poor laws (Canon law)

Retroactive laws (Canon law)

Usury laws (Canon law)

Criminal law (Saxon law)

Collection laws (Jewish law)

Criminal law (Byzantine law)

Commercial law (Hindu law)

Commercial law (Islamic law)

Commercial law (Jewish law)

Commercial law (Lübeck law)

Commercial law (Roman law)

Constitutional law (Islamic law)

Corporation law (Greek law)

Corporation law (Islamic law)

Corporation law (Roman law)

Criminal law (Burgundian law)

Criminal law (Frankish law)

Criminal law (Germanic law)

Criminal law (Greek law)

Criminal law (Hindu law)

Criminal law (Islamic law)

Criminal law (Jewish law)

Criminal law (Lombard law)

Criminal law (Primitive law)

Customary law (Greek law)

Customary law (Hindu law)

Administrative law (Visigothic law)

Election law (Roman law)

Environmental law (Jewish law)

Highway law (Roman law)

Insurance law (Islamic law)

Liquor laws (Islamic law)

Public law (Islamic law)

Retroactive laws (Islamic law)

Narcotic laws (Islamic law)

Mining law (Islamic law)

Administrative law (Islamic law)

Burial laws (Islamic law)

Maritime law (Islamic law)

Correctional law (Islamic law)

Environmental law (Islamic law)

Military law (Jewish law)

Public law (Jewish law)

Sumptuary laws (Jewish law)

Insurance law (Jewish law)

Military law (Greek law)

Public law (Greek law)

Maritime law (Greek law)

Criminal law (Inca law)

Burial laws (Luo law)

Maritime law (Roman law)

Military law (Roman law)

Mining law (Roman law)

Public law (Roman law)

Usury laws (Roman law)

Customary law (Jewish law)

Criminal law (Egyptian law)

Accident law (Jewish law)

Antitrust law (International law)

Building laws (Islamic law)

Constitutional law (Hindu law)

Sumptuary laws (Roman law)

Administrative law (Roman law)

Banking law (Roman law)

Space law (Islamic law)

Customary law (Islamic law)

Banking law (Islamic law)

Commercial law (Adat law)

Criminal law (Adat law)

Maritime law (Adat law)

Summary of the Law (Theology)

Fetus–Legal status, laws, etc.

Monasticism and religious orders (Canon law)

Healing of Peter’s mother-in-law (Miracle)

National school lunch program–Law and legislation

Indians of North America–Legal status, laws, etc.

Indians of North America–Legal status, laws, etc.–Oklahoma

Monasticism and religious orders (Canon law)–Orthodox Eastern Church

Payment-in-kind program–Law and legislation

Taxpayer Assistance Program–Law and legislation

Conflict of laws–Consolidation and merger of corporations

Beverage containers–Recycling–Law and legislation

401(k) plans–Taxation–Law and legislation

Conflict of laws–Tort liability of subsidiary corporations

Conflict of laws–Equitable distribution of marital property

Feed grain program–Law and legislation

Rescission (Law)

Law students

Evidence (Law)

Presumptions (Law)

Publicity (Law)

Clauses (Law)


Status (Law)

Terriers (Law)

Powers (Law)

Security (Law)

Chicanery (Law)

Evasion (Law)

Law (Theology)

Public law

Infamy (Law)

Conditions (Law)

Reconciliation (Law)

Renunciation (Law)

Obligations (Law)

Expectancies (Law)

Motive (Law)

Reward (Law)

Silence (Law)

Consent (Law)

Necessity (Law)

Lesion (Law)

Remedies (Law)

Default (Law)

Confession (Law)

Time (Law)

Notice (Law)

Process (Law)

Executions (Law)

Discovery (Law)

Magdeburg law

Personality (Law)

Collation (Law)

Law merchant

Promise (Law)


Compensation (Law)

Covenants (Law)

Composition (Law)

Law schools

Redemption (Law)

Law reporting

Consanguinity (Law)

Justification (Law)

Ignorance (Law)

Deposits (Law)

Preambles (Law)

Pledges (Law)

Law reporters

Viewers (Law)

Guilt (Law)

Premeditation (Law)

Waste (Law)

Escape (Law)

Prevarication (Law)

Separation (Law)

Prescription (Law)

Strict law

Distress (Law)

Salic law

Kinship (Law)

Periodic law

Possession (Law)

Exceptions (Law)

Fictions (Law)

Reputation (Law)

Exemption (Law)

Promulgation (Law)

Lapse (Law)



Tlingit law

Ingelheim law

Rif law

Signature (Law)

Semantics (Law)

Semiotics (Law)






















Ripuarian law

Law partnership

Law librarians

Law printing

Law reform

Derogation (Law)

Licinian laws

Improvements (Law)

Occupancy (Law)

Banality (Law)

Poynings’ law

Preventive law

Regalities (Law)

Scriveners (Law)

Seals (Law)

Warrants (Law)










Agency (Law)

Bahai law

Soft law

Admissions (Law)

Bestiality (Law)

Sumptuary laws

Motions (Law)

Assignments (Law)





















Dispensations (Law)









































Witoto law

Tucuna law

Yupa law

Cobaría law

Law materials

Uniform laws

Repertories (Law)

Hornbooks (Law)

Bias (Law)

Accession (Law)

Accretion (Law)

Acknowledgments (Law)

Acquiescence (Law)

Affinity (Law)

Age (Law)

Fixtures (Law)

Innocent passage (Law of the sea)

Sunday legislation

Lawyers–Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Lex talionis





Library legislation



Conflict of laws (Canon law)

Conflict of laws (Jewish law)

Conflict of laws (Roman law)

Criminal law (Roman-Dutch law)

Conflict of laws (Islamic law)

Rule of law (Jewish law)

Common law marriage (Jewish law)

Rule of law (Greek law)

Maritime law (Roman-Dutch law)

Criminal law (Assyro-Babylonian law)

Conflict of laws (Greek law)

Conflict of laws (Feudal law)

Criminal law (Islamic law)–Iran

Criminal law (Islamic law)–Pakistan

Passover–Customs and practices






Legal literature

Catholic Church–Clergy–Deposition

Unincorporated societies




Equitable remedies



Civil rights–Religious aspects–Catholic Church





Copyright–Moral rights

Judicial notice






Fugitives from justice

Maintenance and champerty

Legal certainty




Sabbath legislation

Main Legal Topics

Enactments, Legislative
Laws (Statutes)
Legislative enactments
Legislative acts
Acts, Legislative

Scope Note: Law

Here are entered general works on law or legal systems as well as collections of statutes not limited to a specific topic. Works on the science of law are entered Jurisprudence. Works on legislative enactments as a source of law, as distinct from constitutional law or from the law arising from judicial or administrative decisions are entered under Statutes. Works on the legislative process are entered under Legislation. Works on the interpretation of statutes and other laws are entered under Law–Interpretation and construction.



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