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Legal Thesaurus Top Concepts

The Legal Thesaurus Top Concepts (similar to a Subject Category section) is a ready-reference tool to assist authors, indexers, and information managers in the subject classification of the Encyclopedia of Law and other legal materials. In addition, the tool can serve as an aid to searching in websites that use the Encyclopedia of Law category scheme.

The tool comprises a 2-level subject classification scheme consisting of 25 broad subject divisions further divided into 46 specific subject categories (top concepts and microthesauri). The scope of the scheme is comprehensive in that it covers not only areas of law, but also legal theory, legal practice and supporting areas of economics, sociology, philosophy and social sciences.

The display for each top concept provides:
(1) the concept name and corresponding URI,
(2) a description of the scope of the category including cross references, and
(3) a general indication of the relevance of certain topics to law activities and legal research in general.

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